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Course in Product Discovery & Product Management

A course for young entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs of Halland is a collaboration between the municipalities of Halland, one of the most entrepreneurial counties in Sweden, with the aim of supporting young people in their entrepreneurship. When they wanted to offer a course in Product Discovery and Project Management, the natural choice was Meta Bytes.

The goal of the course was for the participants to learn how to take a product idea and develop it, with the aim of successfully launching the product. Within this framework, we designed a course offering the very best of our expertise in product development.

Focus on a specific project idea

Over the course of several months with a group of driven and entrepreneurial young people, we discussed how to turn a genius idea into a technical reality, from designing and creating a Minimum Viable Product and technical backlog to agile project management and product delivery – and everything in between. The course focused on a specific project idea throughout and was structured with a combination of theoretical skills and exercises to apply the theories in practice.

From a genius idea to technical reality

The course was a great success and was appreciated by both participants and the municipalities.

Anna-Lena Karlsson, Business Developer at Laholms Kommun:

This has been a large and relatively complex project with many parties involved. It was also something we've never done before and having real "professionals" like Meta Bytes with us made everything much easier. They really managed to involve and inspire the participants and clearly showed that they are sitting on a lot of knowledge in their field.

When the last session had taken place, the participants used everything they had learnt to create and submit a project proposal for further funding – which they were successful in getting! We’re excited to see where this takes them and look forward to seeing their product flourish in the future.