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The software we develop for our clients is custom-made to their needs, and as a result, the cost varies not only depending on the type of solution but also on the conditions and requirements of the business. There are several factors that can influence the price both upwards and downwards.

When your company purchases software, it is primarily an investment in development hours – essentially, the time it takes for us to build your solution. Depending on the complexity of the software, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several years.

How much does software really cost?

What does it cost to develop software?

Developing software is a complex process, and the procurement process looks different compared to other solutions. It's not like choosing a machine that is then delivered and installed within a week.

Due to the complexity of software, it’s challenging to estimate the price in advance. Let's look at some reasons that make price estimation difficult:

Starting from scratch
The software will be built from scratch. It's as if that machine you need doesn't even exist and has to be invented and built on site.

A dynamic order
When we’re developing your software, you will likely discover how much you could actually do with it – things that you hadn't even thought of initially.

More parameters than can be counted
The functionality of software is extremely complex and during the development process many factors have to be taken into account and important decisions have to be made. Adding to the complexity is the fact that software is highly dependent on its environment.

What can influence the price?

The complexity of the software means that many factors influence the final price. Since it often depends on other systems in various ways, integrations are often needed, and developers may have to adapt existing code, create new interfaces, or implement APIs for data exchange. The more integrations you have, the higher the price. Other factors that can affect the cost include:

  • Data volume

  • Number of markets

  • User groupings

  • Lack of data

  • Design and user interface

  • Legal and reporting requirements

Something that can also cause costs to escalate is unclear requirements from the start, leading to changes in scope during the project. The best way to control costs is therefore to clearly define and communicate your requirements.

To ensure that requirements are defined correctly, we conduct a preliminary study with our clients at the beginning of each project. We review the solution you need and consider your conditions and requirements. Afterward, we can outline a solution and provide a reasonably accurate estimate of the size of your investment.

What can a solution cost?

Predicting in advance how much time we need to invest in a solution is a challenging task due to all the factors mentioned above. However, based on previously completed projects, we have estimated the costs of some common solutions.

Since all the software we develop is tailored entirely for our clients and their specific needs, the prices below can vary significantly depending on the business and its conditions.

Integration platform

An integration platform consolidates all your system integrations into a centralized hub in the cloud. You eliminate dependence on individual systems, thereby increasing flexibility and the ability to scale operations. The cost is approximately C$150,000 and upward.

Solution configurator

With a solution configurator, your customers can customize and tailor your product or service. A configurator with simpler calculations and no integrations costs around C$75,000, while a more complex one will be around C$225,000.

Mobile app

Apps are often combined with other types of digital solutions, where a basic app costs around C$85,000. However, additional investments are often needed to obtain the desired features and achieve the intended user experience.

Customer portal

Many companies choose to develop their own customer portal to engage in a dialogue with their customers about ongoing orders, leading to happier customers and less administration. The price is around C$75,000 for a simple variant.

How is software priced?

As a software buyer, you primarily pay for the work performed, usually measured in the number of labor hours. Pricing and pricing models vary between companies and may include the following:

Time and material (T&M) pricing:

Fixed price

Retainer model

Meta Bytes’ pricing
When we develop software for our clients, we always focus on quality and sustainability – we deliver amazing tech with damn good business impact. We work hard to meet the unique needs of each company, and our expertise, experience, and dedication are reflected in the price. This means you don't have to compromise on anything. Software development is a future investment in your business, and we ensure that you get the best possible solution. The pricing for your specific needs will be determined together after we've examined what it is you require.

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Keep in mind that not everyone needs custom software. It is also possible to purchase software off-the-shelf, such as CRM systems or e-commerce platforms, which are ready to use after purchase and installation. These types of solutions are designed to fit a broad user base and are therefore not adapted to your specific business needs.

Learn more about the differences between off-the-shelf solutions and custom software and consider what suits your business best.

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FAQ – Price and cost

How can we get a price estimate for our specific project?

Since software development is complex, we need information about your specific project and other factors that can affect the requirements. After that, we recommend conducting a feasibility study to provide an estimate of the size of your investment.

Can we get a clear breakdown of the various stages of the project and their costs?

When we start a project, we’ll together create a project plan where we break down the project into different parts. Here, we also estimate the number of hours each part is expected to take. This automatically makes it clear what each part costs.

What factors can affect the price of our project?

Software development consists of an infinite number of parameters, meaning there is a lot that can influence the price of your solution. There is more to read about this above, but some things that can impact the price include the number of integrations, features, different types of users, and data volume.

How do we determine what the pricing of the project will look like?

We determine how the project's pricing will look together after discussing the solution and your requirements. It depends on both the project's scope and complexity but also on your business and your needs. Pricing can also vary from project to project since we often have long-term partnerships with our clients where we provide an advisory role. It is common to transition from a more project-specific pricing model to the retainer model.