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Software development and integration with existing system

About Accesia

Accesia is a company from Halmstad, Sweden, that has specialized in all aspects of animal dentistry since 2002. They develop and supply specialized instruments, equipment and consumables to veterinary clinics and animal hospitals and offer training in small animal dentistry in Swedish, English, German and Dutch.  

Their focus on animal health and wellbeing is guided by the company’s core values, with constant development in ergonomics, hygiene, efficiency, knowledge and profitability.  

New solution for X-ray images

As part of their journey towards improved animal dental care, Accesia has developed a charting system - Prodenta Cloud. The charting system includes a standardized diagnosis and treatment register that makes it quick and easy for veterinarians to accurately record keep. Previously, X-ray images were handled in a system separated from Prodenta Cloud, and when Accesia wanted to integrate that function with their system, they turned to us at Meta Bytes. (Maybe thanks to our Dog-Ops?).

Previously, we had a completely separate program for the X-ray images and the veterinarians had to manually upload them into the charting system. It was an inefficient way for them to work and we always strive to ensure that our systems are as user-friendly and efficient as possible. Not least in order to be able to increase profitability for our customers

                                            Emil Andersson, Area and Product Manager at Accesia

Development of new software and integration with the records system

We started the project with a workshop together with Accesia. Here, we clarified all the expectations and requirements for the new solution as well as establishing a framework for collaboration between us. Based on the information gathered, one of our UX designers created a mockup of the solution before the real development work started.  

The veterinarians use different instruments to take X-rays, meaning that the software solution had to communicate with this X-ray hardware. In order to best diagnose the animals, the X-ray images also needed to be post-processed, which meant that our solution also had to support image processing.

Since we were not only building new software, but also integrating with Accesia’s existing journal system, we worked closely throughout the project with their supplier who is responsible for the operation of Prodenta Cloud.  

The following technologies were used in the development of the new X-ray solution:

Backend: Go

Front end: Vue + Electron

Cloud: AWS

Throughout the project, our entire team, together with Accesia, have been working using agile methodology and in sprints. As a result, the customer has been able to continuously provide input and contribute information when questions arose regarding how the veterinarians work in the system.  

A more complete journal system

After implementing the new solution for X-ray images and integrating it with the Prodenta Cloud charting system, veterinarians can now work more efficiently. They no longer need to open a separate program for X-ray images and instead have everything available in their regular charting system.  

To summarise - while working with Accesia we have:

  • Developed a modular solution for X-ray images that also communicates with the hardware used for taking X-rays
  • Integrated the modular solution with the existing Prodenta Cloud charting system

In addition, we are now responsible for the day-to-day running of image storage and the backend environment for the new module solution. On the horizon is the development of an AI solution for diagnoses and treatment recommendations.