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Digitalization of advanced equipment

If you work for a market-leading company that manufactures and delivers advanced industrial equipment, there are strict requirements for your machines and high expectations from your customers. Your machines are the core of their business and are critical to their success. As a result, they expect the highest quality in what you deliver to them but also set high demands on you as a supplier. Demands that you are most likely to achieve by digitalizing yourself and your equipment.

Connected machines

Part of the digitization for manufacturing companies is about getting the equipment you manufacture to be connected, a technology that effectively enables data exchange and data collection. If the machines are used for manufacturing, it can contribute to changes in production processes that result in, among other things, shorter lead times and more customized manufacturing. Connected machines used for other purposes can offer companies the opportunity to expand their sales range and, with the help of real-time data and insights, increase customization and streamline processes. Making connected machines also means that your offering to your customers will be the same, regardless of their geographical location, as the machines will still communicate.

Expanded after sales offer

As a manufacturer of connected machines, you can offer a wider and better after sales offer. You become more proactive towards your customers in your maintenance work, as the available data you collect from machines can help you predict if a machine needs servicing. In addition, the equipment itself can call for a service technician, meaning your customer does not have to report errors when they occur. (If you’re quick enough, you might even be able to fix the error before anyone notices!)

A better customer experience

Digitalizing the machines you sell is also not only something your company will benefit from. Your customers will also be able to use collected data to gain relevant insights, whether it’s about consumption, to launch campaigns or to optimize their pricing or manufacturing process. Put simply, connected machines create value in several ways for both you and your customers. Your service organization will improve, which improves the customer experience, while the customer's own operations will become more data-driven, increasing their productivity.

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