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Human-in-the-loop improves AI

Human-in-the-loop is a term used in Artificial Intelligence and means that a human is involved in the process. A necessity since AI is not always enough to perform a task.

Humans improve AI

Although we at Meta Bytes have strong feelings for everything that has to do with technology, we know that technology – even Artificial Intelligence – can both make mistakes and misunderstand things. There are actually a lot of mistakes, both fun and not so fun, that have occurred due to AI, google it and you will see!  

Human-in-the-loop is important as it enables what neither man nor computer can do on their own – they complement each other with their different skills. When AI is not enough, humans must act to solve the problem. When a model is based on an insufficient amount of data, there is a greater need to train and test it and people, therefore, need to correct errors more often. As the model becomes more trained, the need for human intervention decreases.  

Human-in-the-loop and Bäck AI

Our product Bäck AI is a prime example of an AI model. In the development phase, the model was trained with a great deal of data so that it could identify and classify it correctly. At that stage, it was our developers who were responsible for the training of the model and then had to teach it to be able to extract dates, postcodes, item numbers, etc. At a later stage, this becomes the role of our customers who can go in and check certain things that AI is not able to. An example could be an order with an item number that does not look like it usually does, meaning that Bäck cannot identify it. One of the employees logs into the user interface and can easily complete the task the AI model was unable to. Over time, the model will understand that it is an item number – the employees have trained the model.  

It is precisely this interplay that human-in-the-loop is about – the interaction between human and Artificial Intelligence.    

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