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As a manufacturing company, your customers have high expectations of you, the purchasing process, and your product, as well as expecting you to be proactive in your service offering. Regardless of which part of the business we’re talking about, there are great opportunities for digitalization – it's just a matter of getting the right support in the right place. With the right digital solutions, you can increase both efficiency and productivity, create a better overall experience for your customers, and secure a strong market position.

What we can help with

Streamlining processes

Many large manufacturing companies are often stuck with a number of unwieldy processes – which is both unnecessary and avoidable. We’ll help you get the right digital support in the right place, increasing your efficiency and improving your customers’ experience. Read more.

Integration platform

With many processes running, it’s almost guaranteed that you also have several systems that are all important to your business – and that are dependent on each other’s data in order to function. With a centralized cloud platform, all integrations between your systems are consolidated, allowing you to easily enhance and expand your existing ecosystem without impacting individual systems. Read more.

Digitalization of advanced equipment

If you manufacture and deliver advanced industrial equipment, you can achieve significant competitive advantages by digitalizing your machines and the processes connected to them. By connecting your machines, you can enable data transfer and data collection, meaning you can use real-time data and insights to enhance customization, streamline processes, and expand your after-sales offering. Read more.


Scalable app for streamlined workflows
Diab successfully streamlined its order management with Bäck AI


The future of AI in manufacturing
Are you struggling with an order process that is slowing you down?

From order to delivery and after sales

As a large manufacturing company, you can increase your productivity and efficiency with innovative digital solutions in every part of your business. By doing so, you can achieve competitive advantage, improve your customers' experience and secure a strong market position.



Optimera er resursanvändning och håll ledtiderna nere med ett produktionsplaneringssystem. Ni kommer få en bättre förståelse för vad som påverkar produktiviteten samt att det hjälper er att spåra och hantera produktionsflödet i realtid.

Försäljning och orderingång

Underlätta för era kunder och få bättre koll på era produkters data och livscykel genom att ta fram skräddar-sydda lösningar i form av PIM- eller PLM-system, en produktkonfigurator, kundportal, webshop eller B2B-orderläggningsplattform.

Inköp och lagerhantering

Med ett automatiserat lagersystem kan ni anpassa plockning och optimera lagerytan. Ni kan även implementera IoT-enheter för övervakning och optimering och integrera med ert VMS-system för bättre spårbarhet.


Revolutionera er produktion med Industri 4.0-teknik som automatisering och maskininlärning. Smarta fabriker som använder sig av IoT och sensorer samlar in och analyserar data i realtid vilket optimerar processerna och minskar driftstopp i er verksamhet.


Med hjälp av automatiserade kvalitetskontrollsystem, med stöd för testning, COC och dokumentation, kan ni säkerställa produktkvaliteten och spåra prestandan. Datan som samlas in kan med fördel användas för att identifiera förbättringsområden.

Logistik och distribution

Anpassa rutter och leveransplanering, spåra försändelser och lagersaldo och övervaka leveranser. Och varför inte optimera lagerhanteringen genom att  förutse framtida behov när ni ändå är igång?

Underhåll och support (eftermarknad)

Med IoT-enheter kan ni förutse och förebygga driftstopp och fel och därmed utföra underhåll innan något inträffar. Ni kan också anpassa era digitala kanaler så att ni snabbare och effektivare än någon annan kan erbjuda support och service.

Sales and order entry

Make it easier for your customers by using digital tools to improve their buying experience. For example, launch a product configurator or a customer portal where they can follow their order from start to finish. Integrate these tools with your existing CRM to have all the information in one place.

Production planning

By digitalizing your production planning, you can more easily keep track of what affects your production line and get a better overview of all stages and lead times. You’ll also get the opportunity to track where and when errors occur in the process.

Purchasing and inventory management

If you receive incorrect goods for your production line, find out from which supplier, at what time and from which batch the goods were delivered and resolve incorrect deliveries before they cause an issue for your production. With this kind of quality assurance, you can avoid delays in your production and in your customer deliveries.


Take your business to the next level by making decisions based on data from your connected machines. Also, connect data monitoring centrally to really optimize your processes and reduce downtime in the business.

Quality control

Using automated quality control systems, with support for testing, COC and documentation, you can ensure product quality and track performance. You can also automate the documentation generation process and thus reduce the margin of error.

Logistics and distribution

Customize routes and delivery planning, track shipments and inventory balances and monitor deliveries. With the help of a customer portal, you can also communicate directly with your customers about their orders.

After sales

Streamline your organization and create more value for your customers by digitalizing your after sales offering. A customer portal gives them the opportunity to see status and information about the machines you delivered, regardless of where they are located.